To live wholeheartedly is to fully experience the present moment. The right here, right now we sometimes take for granted.

And that’s truly the heart behind this venture: Make memories in spaces you love, with people you love. Because memories are what last forever.

Keeping it real though…décor decisions are overwhelming and can lead to spirals down the Pinterest vortex during late-night hours of online browsing. I’ve been there.

When we built our dream home in the Carolinas, an unexpected challenge was finding unique touches to make it feel like ours, inside and out.

For years now I’ve searched through inventory from both upcoming, vibrant talents and established design studios. Plus the household-name retailers where we shop on a regular basis. The result? A treasure trove of inspiration that’s just too good not to share.

Enter Cooper at Home, a one-stop destination for rustic, refined design. Here you’ll find curated collections of affordable, high-quality products to enhance your everyday routines and most special occasions.

The best part is there’s no guesswork about whether pieces go together. That’s taken care of on our end.

Maybe you’re not in the market for a full-on renovation, but, like me, you want to finish off certain corners. Maybe, also like me, you’re not looking to rent a storage unit for knickknacks. That’s why we source versatile pieces that can move effortlessly from kitchen countertop to living room shelves, from tabletop to mantle display – all with the change of seasons. Or your mood, whatever strikes first.

Last item on the agenda. If you know me, you know entertaining supplies are basically essential goods. We made sure to include pretty things for holiday festivities, birthday celebrations, tailgate spreads, cocktail hours, wedding and baby showers, and more. There’s nothing better than gathering over a beautifully set meal (or let’s be honest, a charcuterie board) with family and friends.

In the South, we’re known for our hospitality. My hope with this brand is that – wherever you are – you feel that warmth, too. Welcome to The Shoppe. Stay as long as you’d like!